Top 6 Best Male Enhancement Pills In-Depth Reviews and Buying Guide

Over the Counter Sex Pill Reviews, Ingredients, Pros & Cons, Where to Buy and Pricing Deal direct from Official Website.
Best Male Enhancement Pills

Are you struggling to perform in bed? Are you ashamed of yourself because you aren’t able to satisfy the sexual needs of your partner?

Low performance in bed can cause low self esteem, low confidence, less happiness and sometimes it can lead to marriage failure. There are various reasons behind low sexual performance but the universal solution remains male enhancement pills.

Here we are giving you complete guide to boost you masculinity. Just stay with us till the end.

Before proceeding further let’s take a quick view at the top best male enhancement pills available in the market.

Top Male Enhancement Pills in-depth Comparison (Updated 2020)


Male Extra

VigRX Plus


Max performer


5G Male

Our Ranking







Mechanism of Action

Dilates blood vessels, increase blood supply to penis and increase testosterone

Increase Blood supply, Increase sex appetite

Increased blood flow to the penile

Increase testosterone level, blood supply to penis

Increase nitric oxide and cause penile vessel dilatation

Increase Free Testosterone and Nitric Oxide Production in Penis


$64.95 for one month supply

$69.99 for one month supply

$59.95 for one month supply

$69.00 for one month supply

$74.99 for 10 tablets

69.95 for One Month Supply

Combo Deal

A. 4 Month Supply with free erection gel for $197.95

B. 6 month supply with 2 free erection gel for $249.90

A. 2 month supply for $143.99
B. 3 month supply for $205.99
C. 6 month supply for $384.99 + free Semenax
D. 12 month supply for $589.99 + free Semenax

A. 2 month supply for $109.95
B. 3 month supply for $159.95
C. 6 month supply for $309.95

A. 3 month supply for $138
B. 6 month supply for $200 only

A. $149.99 for 30 tablets
B. $209.99 for 50 tablets

A. 3 month supply for $179 (Save $361.00)
B. 6 Month Supply for $317.00 (Save $763.00)

Additional Benefits/effect

Helps with Premature ejaculation, prostatitis, urethritis, testicular dysfunction, Increase sperm count

Increase size, libido and makes erection harder

Increase penis size, and help with premature ejaculation

Increase sperm count

Increase sperm count, and improve stamina by increasing oxygen supply

Increase Sexual Confidence and Sex drive

Initial Results Time

2-3 weeks average onwards

4-8 weeks onwards

8 weeks onwards

12 weeks onwards

You need to take 30 minutes prior to each sexual activity

4-5 weeks onwards

Consumer Feedback (Success rate)






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Is it safe? Good for prolonged use







Side effect(If any)



Can cause anxiety and gut disturbances


Can cause headache and blurring of vision


Dose recommended 

3 tables/day

2 tables/day

1 table/day

2 tables/day

One tablet 30 minutes prior to sexual activity

2 tables/day

Customer Support

Chat, phone and email

Email and phone



Chat, phone and email


Money Back Guarantee

60 days

67 days

67 days

100 days

60 days

90 days

Order Method







Average Rating







Discrete packing (Yes/No)








Comprehensive Review of Top 6 Products

1. Male Extra - Editor's #1 Choice

This male enhancement product has secured our top ranking because of its history of capability to produce strong, full and hard erection. 

It is a natural male enhancement formula designed to provide a satisfying sex life. The company has maintained to stay in the market for over 15 years. It brings them significant experience backed by scientific research. Being their only product in the market, the manufacturer (Wolfsonberg Limited) has put a lot of effort in their product.

Ingredients and their Mechanism of Action

  • L-Arginine: It has been proven for its effect on increasing blood supply to the penis by increasing nitric oxide level.
  • Ellagic Acid: It is an antioxidant obtained from pomegranate. It increases blood flow to the body and delay fatigue during physical exertion.
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane: It is organic form of sulphur which has an effect on tissue health and also increases blood flow to the tissue.
  • L-Methionine: It blocks the conversion of histidine to histamine, which is crucial for achieving climax. It delays the climax and hence, premature ejaculation.
  • Zinc: It plays a crucial role in testosterone production, which is an essential hormone for male libido and erection.
  • Cordyceps: It is a natural aphrodisiac in use for thousands of years in chinese medicine. It consists of cordycepic acid, which directly stimulates the brain area controlling sexual desire.
  • Niacin: It increases blood supply by dilating and expanding the blood vessels of penis shaft.

Dosage recommended: The product offers best benefit when taken three pills per day. If you are not able to consume as directed by manufacturer then it may not be able to provide the optimum results.

Brand Reliability: Manufacturer offers 60 days money back guarantee, in case you aren’t satisfied with the outcome. They have claimed to mix each ingredient in appropriate quantity backed by scientific proven results, which makes Male Extra the top product prevailing in the market.

Benefits of Using Male Extra:

  • Risk-free money back guarantee of 60 days.
  • Delays Climax ejaculation
  • Improves premature ejaculation, prostatitis, urethritis.
  • Increases sperm count, hence fertility.
  • Increases level of male sex hormone i.e. Testosterone.


  • Completely natural in origin
  • Usable at any age
  • Live customer chat support
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Enhanced stamina and erection


  • A little bit costly as compared to competitor

Side effect: Not reported any so far.


  • $64.95 for one month supply
  • 4 Month Supply with free erection gel for $197.95
  • 6 month supply with 2 free erection gel for $249.90

Money back guarantee: The product comes with 60 days money back guarantee, if you are anyhow disappointed with the result then you can return the bottle easily.

Where to Buy: Being such a popular product in the market, there might be some counterfeit products in the market. So it is recommended to buy from Official Website only to get the best price and authentic product.

It is designed to increase your stamina and sexual strength. It is one of the best selling male enhancement pills available in the market since 2002. The product has a good reputation in the market due to its consistent results and continuous modification according to scientific research since its launch. It has a mixture of natural aphrodisiac, libido enhancer and erection precursor. The addition of Bioperine is appreciable as it increases the rest of ingredient absorption from the gut.

Ingredients and their Mechanism of Action

  • Horny Goat Weed: It is popular for its effect in increasing the level of nitric oxide and testosterone in the body.
  • Damiana: It is a natural aphrodisiac and works by increasing oxygen supply, blood supply & increase nerve impulse to the penis. 
  • Asian red Ginseng: It gives warm and sexually pleasurable sensation as quoted by Father of Chinese Medicine.
  • Hawthorn Berry: It is an antioxidant which increases blood supply and increase vascular strength, thus helps with prolonged and hard erection.
  • Catuaba Bark Extract: It acts on the nervous system to endorse better sleep, reduce fatigue and abolish nervousness thus, helps to improve sexual function.
  • Bioperine: It basically increases the absorption of all the ingredients from the gut, thus improve bioavailability.

Dosage Recommended: It is advised to take one pill twice a day to maintain the plateau level in the system to give the best result.

Brand Reliability: VigRX Plus is basically an upgraded version of ‘VigRX for Men’. After four years of Great success of VigRX for Men, the VigRX plus was launched with better and improved formula. Since then the product has been quite popular and sold over 1.2 millions boxes since launch.

Benefits of Using VigRX Plus:

  • Increases the ability to maintain harder and longer erection.
  • Improves stamina and sexual desire.
  • Quality of orgasm is increased for both the partners.
  • Improves brain function by reducing fatigue and promoting better sleep.


  • Bioperine prevents dose wastage
  • Increased orgasm quality
  • Enhance testosterone level


  • Cost is somewhat high

Side Effect: Not reported any so far.


  • $69.99 for one month supply
  • 2 month supply for $143.99
  • 3 month supply for $205.99
  • 6 month supply for $384.99 + free Semenax
  • 12 month supply for $589.99 + free Semenax

Money back Guarantee: The company promises money back guarantee of 67 days. You can even return the empty container and claim your money without any hassle. 

Where to Buy: There are many counterfeit products available in the market. So in order to save yourself from fraud and get only genuine product it is advised to buy from official website only.

Extenze is labelled as the herbal supplement made for male enhancement and is quite popular in the market. It is designed to cope up with the various sexual problems like reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual pleasure and premature ejaculation. Each of the ingredients is proven to be beneficial and potent enough for enhanced sexual experience.

Ingredients and their Mechanism of Action

  • Zinc: It is well-known for increasing the sperm count being an important micronutrient. It also aids in arousal as well.
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract: This herbal component is known for its improving sex drive, ejaculation and libido. 
  • L-Arginine: It increases the blood flow to the penis vasculature and makes erection harder and bigger.
  • Horny Goat Weed: It improves the level of nitric oxide and testosterone in the body, hence increasing the sexual drive.
  • Pregnenolone: It works as an energy and stamina booster once increased in the body.

Dosage Recommended: It is recommended to consume one tablet on a daily basis after meal. It usually takes 8 weeks to get noticeable results. 

Brand Reliability: The manufacturer has clearly passed the FDA criteria and has very well taken of psychological issue while manufacturing this product. It  has quite satisfactory success rate among users.

Benefits of Using Extenze:

  • Bigger, frequent and harder erections
  • Effortless outcome
  • Helps to overcome premature ejaculation
  • Increased penis size


  • Scientifically researched ingredients
  • Increased sensitivity for better orgasm
  • Enlargement and enhancement formula


  • Yohimbine can cause anxiety and gut problems

Side Effects: Yohimbine is an ingredient which can cause anxiety and gut disturbances to the people with a history of psychiatric disorder. So it is advised to consult your physician if you already have any such conditions or you face after consuming Extenze. 


  • $59.95 for one month supply
  • 2 month supply for $109.95
  • 3 month supply for $159.95
  • 6 month supply for $309.95

Money Back Guarantee: You need to consume the product for 60 days. If you are not satisfied with the result then you can send the unused/unopened product to the company within the next 7 days. The company will provide you the refund excluding packing and shipping charges. That makes the guarantee for total 67 days. 

Where to Buy: They have facility of international shipping, so you need to order from the official website only to get genuine product and avoid scams. Shipping charges vary according to the customer location. You will get a discrete package delivered at your doorstep.

It is a male augmentation product designed for improvement of sexual performance and desire with natural and aphrodisiac ingredients. As per their claim, Max performer has the potential to improve testosterone, stamina, long lasting harder erections and sexual satisfaction. 

Ingredients and their Mechanism of Action

  • Horny Goat Weeds: It is known to increase the level of nitric oxide and testosterone in the body, thus improving blood supply to the penile vasculature.
  • MACA: It is a great aphrodisiac useful for increasing the strength and stamina.
  • Red Korean Ginseng: It reduces stress, anxiety and helps to improve sexual desire, concentration and performance. 
  • Cordyceps: It improves the oxygen uptake and availability to the cells. It is also credited to increase sperm count, testosterone and erections.
  • Bioperine: It increases the bioavailability of other ingredients to the body by increasing their absorption from the gut.
  • Selenium: Being an antioxidant it inhibits the cellular damage caused by oxidative stress. It helps the penis to relax and relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Dosage Recommended: One pack consists of 60 tablet for one month. So it is advised to consume two pills per day with water. 

Brand reliability: It is manufactured by a London Based company named Silver Blade Nutrition company. The company has delivered a lot of effort as it is only the single product manufactured by them. Max Performer has been quite popular and effective choice among users due to its  effective results. Best thing about this is huge money back guarantee of 100 days.

Benefits of Using Max Performer:

  • Improved sexual desire
  • Improves stamina
  • Harder and longer erections
  • Enhanced performance in the bedroom
  • Increased the level of testosterone


  • Overcome Premature ejaculation
  • Hormonal Balance Maintained
  • Improved immune system
  • Increased sperm count


  • Individual results vary
  • Longer duration of action

Side Effects: All ingredients are completely natural, no side effect reported so far.


  • $69.00 for one month supply
  • 3 month supply for $138
  • 6 month supply for $200 only

Money back Guarantee: You need to consume Max Performer for 90 days and then communicate your results with the customer support service. They will provide you with the further process to claim money back guarantee, then you need to send the package within 10 days, that makes the guarantee for 100 days - but this happens rarely.

Where to buy: The only genuine product is found on the official website and no other platform. So it is wise to buy from official website to get the best deal and authentic product.

It is a male potency formula which works to improve erectile dysfunction and improve performance via its natural ingredients. It works by increasing the level of nitric oxide, causing vessel dilation, blood stasis and maintain erection. You need to take it 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. It is basically a natural and safer alternative to Viagra. 

Ingredients and their Mechanism of Action

  • ​Horny Goat Weed: It increases the level of nitric oxide and decrease PDE5 level, causing the increased blood supply to penis leading to erection.
  • Zinc: It helps with increasing the testosterone level and sperm count. Thus, improves fertility and masculinity.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: It increases the level of nitric oxide and has antioxidant action as well.
  • Pomegranate: It prevents free radical injury by antioxidant action. It increases nitric oxide production and enhance the substrate availability to the mitochondria leading to improved energy level.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: It has the capability to improve libido and sex drive by promoting blood sugar utilisation and reducing cholesterol level.

Dosage Recommended: A pack consists of 10 tablets. It is recommended to consume one tablet 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. It is also advised to take a short break after every 3-4 months from consuming the tablet in order to prevent your body to become immune to the Viasil effect.

Benefits of Using Viasil:

  • Increased energy Level
  • Hard and powerful erection
  • Improves stamina
  • Enhanced sexual drive and confidence


  • Quick Delivery
  • Live customer support
  • All natural


  • Costly
  • Individual experience may differ
  • 30 minutes prior to sexual activity consumption required

Side Effects: It can cause blurring of vision and headache in some men. So it is recommended to consult your physician prior to using male enhancement pills.


  • $74.99 for 10 tablets
  • $149.99 for 30 tablets
  • $209.99 for 50 tablets

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days, no questions asked money back guarantee

Where to Buy: Viasil is available on the manufacturer website and recommended to buy from there only to avoid any scams or fake products, It provides worldwide shipping.

5G Male Review

It was originally created for older men to improve their stamina, high sexual desire and high energy in bed. The great thing about this supplement is that it consists of all the natural ingredients. This product is not limited only for old men but it is also good to use with younger generation who struggle with stamina and are unable to perform in bed. 

Ingredients and their Mechanism of Action

  • Vietnamese Garlic: It consists of chemical Allicin, which improves blood supply to create and maintain harder erection.
  • Ginko Leaf: Similar to the Allicin, it also increases the blood supply to create harder erection.
  • American Ginseng: It assists to cause harder and long lasting erection. Apart from erection, it also increases sperm count, motility and orgasm strength.
  • Green Tea: It has antioxidant nature, which support and strengthen the blood vessels. It also contains nitric oxide, which is a potent stimulator for erections.
  • Ginger: It promotes blood circulation which is stimulatory for harder and longer erections. It also acts as potent booster for energy which improves libido and sex drive. 
  • Vietnamese Garlic: It consists of chemical Allicin, which improves blood supply to create and maintain harder erection.
  • Ginko Leaf: Similar to the Allicin, it also increases the blood supply to create harder erection.
  • American Ginseng: It assists to cause harder and long lasting erection. Apart from erection, it also increases sperm count, motility and orgasm strength.
  • Green Tea: It has antioxidant nature, which support and strengthen the blood vessels. It also contains nitric oxide, which is a potent stimulator for erections.
  • Ginger: It promotes blood circulation which is stimulatory for harder and longer erections. It also acts as potent booster for energy which improves libido and sex drive. 

Dosage RecommendedIt is advised to consume two pills every day and keep yourself hydrated. Never ever overdo the prescribed dose without expert guidance otherwise it might cause more harm than benefits.

Benefits of Using 5G Male:

  • Harder Erections
  • Improved Stamina
  • Increased self confidence
  • Increased Penis size


  • Improved libido
  • Improved energy status of the body
  • Increased blood flow to other organs as well
  • Antioxidant is preventive of oxidative stress


  • Understanding the deal is quite tricky
  • Choose payment mode wisely, otherwise you might have to pay some extra charges

Side Effects: There is no side effect reported at all. You need to be careful not to take more than the recommended dose, otherwise it can be harmful.


  • One month supply for $69.95
  • 3 months supply for $179.00 (Save $361.00)
  • 6 month Supply for $317.00 (Save $763.00)

Where to Buy: The product is available only on the official website for purchase. It is advised to buy only from official website to get original product at the best price.

Buying Guide for Male Enhancement Pills - Facts, Tips, How To Guide, FAQs and More.

Why do we need male enhancement product?

Male masculinity is maintained by the male sex hormone known by the name Testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for all the male characteristics like facial hair, body hair, muscle strength, low pitch voice, penis growth, sperm production, sexual desire and erection to some extent. 

This testosterone is not the same throughout the life. It is maintained at very low level during early childhood, then its level starts rising in teenage responsible for all the secondary sexual characteristics. 

Its level is maximum during the third decade of life and then it starts declining. Well, sex isn’t a thing of just few years of life. Quality sex is very important to maintain a healthy relationship. Which becomes tough with low level of testosterone, that’s why we need to use male enhancement products not only to boost male sexual traits but also to maintain them for a longer period of life.

What is the solution then?

There are basically two options either meet the demand with exogenous testosterone consumption or use some natural alternative. The problem with exogenous testosterone is that we can’t maintain the perfect balance of its level as maintained by the body. Which ultimately leads to side effects like liver failure, kidney injury, decreased bone density, heart attack, stroke etc. So it is wise to use some alternative which give same effect by other means but doesn’t have any side effects i.e male enhancement supplements.

Do Male Enhancement Pills really work?

The answer is simply yes! These are usually prepared with scientifically proven and natural ingredients which have the capability to boost testosterone levels, sperm count, erection, augment orgasms and increase blood supply to the penis. 

There are a lot of satisfied customers out there, just try them for once and you will experience the splendid outcome. 

Do these pills have any Side effects?

Speaking of side effects, all our top five listing has been the product of top choice among users. There have been reported some side effects like headaches, anxiety and blurring of vision rarely among some users. If you want to be completely safe about side effects and drug interaction then we recommend you go for Male Extra. It has been absolutely safe and effective formulation for a long time among users and that’s what pushed it on our top recommended product.

Caution: Our advice is not a substitute for any medical consultation, so kindly consult your physician before taking medications of any kind. 

Expected results and Timings

Male enhancement pills are somewhat slow in action unlike viagra but the effect remains permanent with these pills. You need to wait for few weeks to experience the noticeable effect. The time of action vary from user to user and product to product. Out of all, Male Extra promises and proven to give fastest results.

After consuming continuously you can expect longer, harder erection, delayed ejaculation, improved libido, sperm count, increased testosterone level and enhanced orgasmic experience.

Top Ingredients You Should Find In Male Enhancement Products

Natural ingredients were used for centuries in traditional medicine in various parts of the world. They are mentioned very well in ancient medicine, unlike currently practiced medicine filled with artificial chemicals and their side effects and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about the drug interaction. 

Male enhancement pills have collected this knowledge from many parts of the world’s traditional medicine and combined it to give their best product formulation.

Unfortunately some of them failed due to lack of complete knowledge, improper ratio of ingredients and ingredients interaction.

Some important and effective ingredients that you should find in effective products are:

  • L-Methionine: It decrease the histamine level in the body, which leads to prolonged erection and delayed climax. Because histamine plays an important role in ejaculation.
  • Cordyceps: It is a natural aphrodisiac, its chemical composition has direct stimulatory effect on the brain area controlling sexual drive. 
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane: It consist of Sulphur in organic form, which is important to aid the blood flow and good cellular health. 
  • Zinc: It has an indirect effect on libido, male sexual character and sperm count. It increases the testosterone level of the body, which has all the mentioned effects.
  • L-Arginine: It is an amino acid which is converted into nitric oxide in our body. This nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels leading to engorgement of blood making erection bigger and harder.
  • Ellagic acid: It is a natural antioxidant found in pomegranate. It prevents the cells from oxidative stress.
  • Bioperine: It has no direct effect on male enhancement, but increases the absorption of the ingredient from gut making them more bioavailable and effective.

Use and Safety Guidelines

  • ​For prepaid orders, always pay with secure payment gateway. As it saves your bank information and guard you against banking fraud running around.
  • Before buying, try to contact the company via chat support and other modes. You will get a good idea about the company’s seriousness and customer support feature.
  • Check the return policy mentioned on website. Longer and no questions asked money back guarantee is like icing on the cake.
  • Watch out the method of shipping, whether discreet or not!
  • Consult your doctor if you are on any other medication.
  • Read this review thoroughly to remain proactive and beware of any pitfalls lying ahead, in case it doesn’t suit your body or needs.

Essential Features Of Genuine Male Enhancement Product

  • ​Each ingredient must be supported with the scientifically proven research.
  • The company must publish its all customer reviews without making any exception.
  • Lesser the better, the company with one product is best as it has to focus completely on improvement of single product.
  • The manufacturer should have the guts to offer risk-free money back guarantee. This will be offered by only genuine and best product.
  • It is best that the product is available via online mode only. It prevents piracy and promotes the original product reach the customer at the best price.

Tips for Selecting the Best Product

  1. 1
    Use discernment to compare and choose the best product among our top 5 list according to your issues, needs and desires..
  2. 2
    Look for the company behind the product, how long they have been in business and customer reviews. The impeccable reputation and record is a must thing for a best company.
  3. 3
    Do not run after product with low quality ingredients and cheap priced. They might be either not very beneficial or might be harmful as well in the worst case scenario.
  4. 4
    Look whether the product or its ingredients are banned by the FDA or not.
  5. 5
    Price might be an issue for selecting best product, in that case buy in bulk that reduces the effective per bottle price of a product.
  6. 6
    Though prescription is not required, even then consult a doctor or professional before buying and consuming these products especially if you are on any other medication.

Pro Tips to Maximize results

  • Appropriate dosage: It is advised to consume the recommended dose as advised by the manufacturer. Doing so will make sure the most favourable outcome in promised period of time.
  • Gymming and exercise: No doubt, exercise is good for body and brain. But exercise also has a direct effect on libido. Cardiovascular exercise and weight training has a direct effect on increasing the level of testosterone, which is essential for arousal, erection frequency, orgasm and other male character.
  • Weight regulation: Both high and low weight has a detrimental effect on sexual performance, more weight makes it difficult to perform sexual activity and early exhaustion. Less weight doesn’t store appropriate energy and fluid level required. So it is important to bring your weight in Normal range BMI.
  • Healthy Fat Consumption: Healthy fats increase the testosterone level, as fat being the precursor for testosterone. It is advised to get about 20% of the daily diet from fats.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take more than the recommended dose to get faster results?

We do not recommend or promote such practice, because more than the required dose can cause more harm than benefits. The recommended dose is based on clinical trials and research. Recommended dose is the safest dose to achieve great results as quick as possible without detrimental side effects.

2. Are male enhancement pills for erectile dysfunction?

Male enhancement pills works by different mechanism by each of ingredient to cover all the aspect of pleasurable sex like erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation, orgasmic expereince, incresed testosterone level, etc. Even a healthy normal person can also consume male enhancement pill to improve sex further.

3. Are they safe to use in parallel with other medications?

Male enhancement pills are usually natural in origin which has no interaction with other medications. But for being on the safe side, it is advised to consult your healthcare provider.

4. How quick are the results?

These pills have different onset of action depending on the ingredients used and their proportion in them. Usually they start their action within one week of consumption and full blown noticeable effect vary from product to product.

5. Do male enhancement pills increase penis size?

These pills dilates the sinuses leads to engorgement and stasis of blood causing erection. As such these pills don’t increase the muscle mass of penis vasculature but increase blood flow to the penis makes the penis larger and harder.

6. How long do I need to take the medicine?

As long as you want to, there is no restriction. But it is advised to discontinue taking the pills every three months for some days, so that the body doesn’t become resistant to the pill effect after prolonged usage.

7. Can I take the pills if I am suffering from heart condition?

It is not advisable to use male enhancement pills if you have any heart conditions without consulting your healthcare provider.

8. Why should I not take simply Viagra, that has quick action?

  • Viagra consist of PDE5 inhibitor named Sildenafil. It dilates the blood vessels and helps with erectile dysfunction. Other cardiac medication also works by the same principle, as it can potentiate their action and cause hypotension. So it is advised to make sure that the gap between consumption of viagra and nitric oxide product should be at least 6 hours. 
  • You need to take viagra each time prior to intercourse that makes every sexual experience a planned one. 
  • Viagra comes with more serious side effects like throbbing headache and difficulty in blue-green discrimination i.e. colour vision disturbed.

So Viagra has so many serious side effects, while Male Enhancement Pills have no risk and these pills are one stop solution for all the sexual problems then it is only wise to go with the best, safe and simple option.

9. How do I get the male enhancement for best price?

No doubt, male enhancement pills are costly enough to burden your pocket. But you can get them at a lower price, at heavy discount by purchasing various combo packs. Combo packs are offered for months and has high discount rates. So go with a trusted, top rated brand and get a combo pack of at least six months, then for sure you will get them at the cheapest price.

10. Why not testosterone booster instead of male enhancement pill?

Testosterone Booster

Male Enhancement pills

Directly promote the synthesis of Testosterone by providing precursor material

No testosterone required, directly acting chemical like Nitric Oxide are provided by the ingredient

Can affect in vivo testosterone and hypo-pituitary-gonadal axis

No disturbance to normal axis

The increased testosterone is the basis of working

Works via different mechanism, depending on ingredient

Time required for action to start is somewhat delayed as testosterone synthesis takes some time


Can not be used by a person with disturbed normal testosterone synthesis like Person with the Orchidectomy, orchitis, Pituitary adenoma, Testicular carcinoma

Can be used

Side effect can be there if taken more than the prescribed dosage, it can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, anxiety, visual disturbances etc.

Side effects: Almost nil, sometimes with few products anxiety and nausea can happen

Why Other Popular Products Don’t Get in Our Top 5 List?


Mechanism of action

Customer’s satisfaction

Why it couldn’t make in our top 5 list 


Boost testosterone level


  • Offline availability
  • Side effects like burning micturition
  • Less customer satisfaction

Ageless male

Testosterone level booster


  • Weight gain is a serious problem
  • Offline available

Viril x

Boost testosterone and Improve circulation


  • No scientific research on formulation
  • Official website is not very informative
  • Side effects like mood changes, nausea, diarrhoea

Nutra Biogenesis

Nutritive support formula for male glandular health


  • Improves only the glandular health. No direct benefit
  • No scientific data available


Increase blood flow and boost stamina


  • Not FDA evaluated
  • Prostate starts aching after some time

ProSolution Plus

Relax vessel to deliver more blood


  • Side effects like nausea, headache, diarrhoea, anxiety, allergic skin reactions
  • Can cause hypotension and palpitations

Steel libido

Testosterone booster


  • Serious side effects like nausea, diarrhoea and blurring of vision


Boost testosterone level


  • Not so much information website and internet
  • Allergic reactions reported very much


Boost bodily testosterone level


  • Not at all effective as per customer reviews


Boost testosterone level and energy


  • Side effects include congestion, gut upset, skin flushing, dizziness, muscle pain, headache

Our Recommendation (Why Male Extra Grabbed Top Rank)

There are a lot of options available in the market as male enhancement supplementation. The final decision is obviously yours to make. After going through this vast information about the male enhancement pills, we are in a confident position to recommend you our top rated product i.e. Male Extra. We have collected and analysed all the information and it compelled us to declare that Male Extra is the leading product for male enhancement with all natural safe ingredients, money back guarantee, multiple combo options to make it further cheaper, without any side effects and quick onset of action as compared to other products. So grab its best deals and let us know about your experience with this most recommended product among users!